Freefoam products are made to last

Roofline with built in sun screen!

We all know that prolonged exposure to Ultra Violet (UV) light from the sun can damage our skin – and it has the same effect on PVC causing it to degrade over time.

Freefoam make roofline products using a natural mineral called titanium dioxide. This is the same stuff that is used in sun creams. It keeps our products white and bright for upto 50 years.

Guaranteed to last a lifetime

Freefoam fascia, soffit and guttering is guaranteed not to rot like wood or rust like metal. Nor will they crack, warp, discolour or blister like the low-spec PVC products made by some other manufacturers and we guarantee this for 50 years.

Incredibly low Lifetime costs

So what value will your replacement roofline give you over that 50 years. (please see T&C)

Taking the average cost of a roofline installation of £2,500 overup to  50 years it costs you just 0.1p a day!

Compared to the cost of fitting and repairing a wooden fascia it's money well spent.

Low Maintenance

Fascia, soffit and rainwater products made from PVC don’t require repainting or regular maintenance. A simple wipe-down once in a while with a damp cloth is all that’s required to keep Freefoam roofline products looking their best. This is a HUGE long-term advantage over old fashioned wood roofline and cast iron rainwater solutions as regular repainting can be time-consuming, awkward, messy and expensive.

Why replace Wood Fascia with PVC?

It’s not always easy to understand the reaasons why PVC is a good choice for your home. We’ve put together a quick guide to help explain the benefits of pvc and how it’s a cost effective choice.

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