Freefoam's industry leading guarantee

Guaranteed to give you peace of mind

When choosing home improvement products for your roofline or guttering repair you need to know they are going to last.

That’s why Freefoam were the first manufacturer to offer extended guarantees on all products. We guarantee that they won’t warp, crack, discolour or blister and will last a lifetime. And today we are still leading the way, no other manufacturer can match the level of security and commitment you get with the Freefoam roofline range.

Manufacturers guarantees can be misleading. You sometimes find you’re not getting what you bargained for. We make guarantees simple – here’s what we offer:


  Standard Guarantee Extended Guarantee
White products 20 years Lifetime guarantee, 50 years
Woodgrain products 10 years 10 years
Colour products 10 years 10 years


Extending your guarantee

All white products are automatically guaranteed for 20 years but this can be extended  up to an incredible 50 years when fascia and rainwater ranges are installed together and the work is registered by a Freefoam Registered Installer.

Colour Guarantee

No other manufacturer can offer a 10 year guarantee on colour roofline products. We have developed our own innovative Colormax® technology so that we can guarantee the variety, the exact colour match and the staying power reducing fading and discolouration.

Woodgrain Guarantee

To achieve a beautiful mahogany or rosewood fascia we use a ‘foil’ which is a thin layer of PVC that is bonded to the fascia or soffit board at very high temperatures. The foils we use have built in sun protection – Solar Shield Technology (SST). SST reduces heat absorption so that the boards don’t heat up too much on a sunny day which minimises expansion.

Protect your investment and add value to your home

The Freefoam guarantee doesn’t end if your property changes hands. It can be transferred to the new owners and subsequent owners so they can continue to enjoy the same peace of mind. By choosing Freefoam for your roofline and guttering replacement work, as well as protecting your house against the elements, you’re also protecting your investment and adding value to your home!